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June 27, 2011An update on things around here

My apologies for the lack of posts lately. The current fishing conditions have been less than inspiring and I’ve been waiting until I could write something upbeat. Fishing here in Jackson Hole is tough at best and impossible at worst. The good news is that we seem to have finally transitioned to some genuinely nice weather. Sunshine and temperatures in the 70s have reminding all of us why we choose to endure 8 months of winter. The weather has also spiked snow runoff, raising all major waterways around here to near flood stages.

Folks have been asking when the fishing’s going to come around and I honestly can’t say. Much depends on the weather and how fast our huge snow pack melts. I will say that we are at least a few weeks out before anything really starts shaping up.

Despite these hard conditions, I did a few fishing trips this week. I warned folks of extremely tough conditions, explaining that it would be damn hard to hook anything, but that if they still wanted to get out and cast a fly rod and learn about fly fishing, we could do morning walk in trips on a smaller stream. Declining my offer to refund deposits, some eager folks decided to go anyway and we ended up having some fun mornings. More importantly, after pounding the muddy water with big nymphs, a few cutthroat trout were landed, allowing my clients to experience the thrill of catching a native cutthroat trout on a fly. I’m glad everyone had fun and I give them a lot of credit for their perseverance and determination.

Here’s David showing off a cutthroat that fell for his dead drifted Black and Red. Not the biggest, but a fitting reward for his casting. Nice work David!

david with trout


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