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June 16, 2011Back Home
Having just spent a week back east in PA enduring record heat, crazy traffic and a funeral, I can tell you it’s great to be back in the mountains of Wyoming. While most of my time was spent attending family functions, I was able to sneak in a little fly fishing.

My friend Kurt and I chose the hottest day of the heat wave to head up to Spring Creek, PA. Fortunately, as we worked our way through the thick forest and into the stream, the temperature cooled considerably. I can’t say that the fishing was fantastic; seems we just missed the sulphur hatch. But we were able to hook quite a few modest size brown trout on nymphs and compra-duns. The biggest fish of the trip came in the form of a sucker who momentarily fooled us into thinking I had connected with one of the legendary brown trout that Spring Creek is known for. The following morning we spent a few hours on nearby Fishing creek. While we only managed one trout (nice work Kurt), we left believing that with a little more knowledge and some cooler temperatures, Fishing creek could probably treat us right.

Overall, it was good trip. I caught some fish, eat some cheesesteaks and spent quality time with family. And while it’s never fun to attend a funeral, it was nice to pay respects to my Grandma; a woman who never minced words and made the best meatballs in the world.


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