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June 01, 2011PA, here I come
Next week I’ll get to try my luck on Spring Creek, one of Pennsylvania’s legendary trout waters. Joining me (and guiding me to glory) will be my friend Kurt, a guy I’ve grown up with and spent A LOT of time on the water with. Usually it’s me pointing out fish for him, so it’ll be nice to reverse roles; especially while fishing a PA river on a warm June evening.

I’ve only fished Spring Creek once while doing a stint at nearby liberal arts college. We fished it on a cold fall afternoon, trying to convince its brown trout to take our streamers. I think I caught a fish or two, but my memory is foggy. Anyway, I’m excited to visit it again and test its reputation. Sulfurs and caddis are being tied and stockpiled in anticipation of a fine evening hatch, but I’m secretly plotting to cast BIG bunny streamers once night falls. Should be fun!

June 03, 2011Well, it's good to know there's no pressure on...


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