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May 22, 2011Fishing, just in case..

While the world (or at least a few crazies) waited with bated breath for the impending Rapture, Sage and I and went fishing….I mean if the world’s going to end, we might as well get one more day of fly fishing in.

We settled on a piece of lesser-known water that I suspected would be clear and fishable. While far from being the legendary type of fishery that the West is known for, this water is a sentimental favorite that never lets me down. I took to fishing dry flies in a few favorite holes, fooling several brook trout, while Sage happily sniffed out some expired elk. We ended the day, having dinner with my friend Joe, grilling buffalo ribeyes and sipping whiskey. A fitting way to end things, just in case…….

brook trout

a brook trout's world

stream sketch


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