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May 11, 2011Snowmelt...
Normally I am not one to participate in the yearly snowpack/ runoff speculation. I shy away from discussions, refusing to theorize, reasoning that an act of nature that happens EVERY year doesn’t warrant conjecture from a bearded fisherman; it’s going to happen. Oblivious to people’s predictions and anticipations, the snow melts, rivers rise, rivers clear and fly fishing in Jackson Hole turns great. This year will be no different. Let’s get on with it already though!

I’ve tried being patient and understanding, adopting a Zen-like demeanor, “fishing will be ready when”…. you get the point. Seriously though, there is a TON of snow in the mountains that needs to start melting or we’re not going to be fishing until September of 2012! I won’t bore you with all the numbers and graphs, just know that winter (and snow) got serious around here back in November, and hasn’t relented. In fact, just yesterday as I sat at my fly tying desk crafting foam hoppers, giant snowflakes choked off the sun and blanketed new grass sprouting up in the backyard.

I’m trying to be strong here folks, but damn it I’m ready for spring; ready to wear my flip flops, don Hawaiian shirts with reckless abandonment and most importantly, fish! At this point I’d simply like a decent fishing option….something that doesn’t require pounds of split shot and a prayer. Heck, I’d gladly take a lake (yeah, I said it), but in order to fish a lake, it has to be free of ice, and we’re a ways off from that happening too.

Sooner or later, like every year, snow WILL melt, rivers WILL rise and fall and fly fishing in Jackson Hole WILL return to glory. I just hope it happens sooner rather than later because I’ve got rods strung up in the garage and I’m growing impatient.

May 14, 2011Nate, Why don't you shed the winter blues with a short trip down to CO and wet some flies with me. The early season fishing is looking fairly decent and I should be home in about a week or so. Bring Jamie and Sage and we'll make it a family affair. I figure this time of year may be about the only time a JH fisherman can be pried from his home waters. What do you say, Kurt? You in?
May 16, 2011We'll have to see--pulling him off those northwest Wyoming rivers is about as easy as removing a fingernail. A Colorado jaunt is tempting in a big way. Definitely warrants further deliberation...


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