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January 02, 2017Happy New Year
Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2017 treats you well and you have some fun fishing your favorite waters. Things around here at Teton Fly Fishing world headquarters have been pretty uneventful lately. Jamie and I made a trip back to PA to spend Christmas with family and just recovered from a fun weekend celebrating new years at the fishing cabin with friends. I'd like to tell you some fishing happened, but truth be told, it's been cold and snowy...

Most of my free time the past month or so has been spent working on the cabin. My friend Dave (master carpenter) is helping me with a big remodel project- some new windows, doors, sheet rock and bathrooms. All of this will make for an even nicer cabin stay for fishing guests.

In the weeks and months to come, I plan on getting back on the water and fooling some trout. As some of you know, the Snake can fish decent in the winter months. A lot has to do with finding some productive holding water for our native cutthroat trout and mountain whitefish. Keep a look out for slow, deeper runs. These often hold quite a few fish and can keep an angler busy. More to come in the next few days on winter fly fishing the Snake.


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