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August 01, 2016Heat reprieve; small stream

Saturday I sought refuge from the excessive heat by exploring a small stream with my friend Matt and Lulu. I'd fished this water before further down but hadn't explored one of it's smaller forks. In a last minute decision I grab my "new" Tenkarka rod; determined to give it a proper chance and see what all the hullabaloo is about.

As I alluded to in a previous blog post, I've spent years naysaying and making fun of this telescoping rod movement. On a cold snowy day this winter though i broke down and bought one from Tenkara Rod Company, a small company over the hill in Idaho, and have been waiting for the right opportunity to test it out. Well the water we were fishing Saturday seemed as good as it gets for the glorified cane pole. So I extended it out to it's 11 feet of tapered glory, tied a stimulator on the 3 foot piece of tippet and proceeded to have a blast fishing it. It's really intuitive to use and I quickly got use to not having the reel. The long reach of it was ideal for getting perfect drifts around boulders, etc. and it was nice not having to fumble with extra line. When not fishing, I collapsed it down and put it in the back of my vest; I was dog training wit Lulu while Matt fished, so it was nice having both hands free to control the beast.

The small stream we fished was beautiful, meandering through steep hills deep in Griz country. The water didn't seem to hold as many fish as it should have, but the one's we caught were all really nice for such water and I had a BLAST with the Tenkara rod. I'll definitely be using it again for similar types of waters and days when I'm out and want to keep things simple.

A good fish to break-in the rod with...

Teton Fly Fishing; a tenkara experience

Lulu strikes a pose while Matt works some pocket water down below.

Lulu on a small stream in Wyoming backcountry

Close up of a beauty; I never get tire of the colors. Probably will have to do a painting off this pic in the winter.

summer cutthroat

Matt fishes a nice hole deep in Griz country.

Deep in bear country for cutthroat


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