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July 09, 2016Snake's fishing well around Jackson Hole
Had some good days guiding on the Snake this past week. The water is at a good level, making side channels and riffles particularly fun. The best part of the week was working with some young fly fishers. Kids like Jack and Nick fished well above their age, proving sometimes middle schoolers fish better than adults. It was great seeing these guys again (along with their dad Matt). Other guests also did well with me this week. Most of our success was on small golden stone chubby chernobyl type flies. Fish also could be found in early afternoon rising in the shallows to emerging PMDs. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to post since I got a new phone and neglected to update things before getting it. Oh well.

Looks like the weather might cool down a bit in the next few days. That should be great, helping to cool water temps that have been rising into the 60s lately. If you've ever wanted to fish big, easy to see flies to eager cutthroat, now is the time!


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