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July 02, 2016Week in review

Another hot week has come and gone here in Western Wyoming. Summer has come on fast around here and fishable waters abound, many clear and fishing earlier than usual. We'll see how things play out down the road, but for now it's a great time to be a fly fisher in Jackson Hole.

I spent the week mixing business with pleasure; both fishing with Jamie and Lulu as well as a number of great fishing clients. We ventured up to Pacific creek one day and wandered the water fishing yellow stonefly patterns to selective cutthroat trout. The fish were more moody than I remember from past trips there, but once bugs started hatching we found a few runs with hungry risers. Guiding-wise, I did both some float fishing and some wade fishing trips. In all cases, fish were caught and folks enjoyed themselves. Enjoy some pictures...


David's bow on the green

Kid's got game- Tom shows off a small Yellowstone cutthroat trout caught in Yellowstone National Park's backcountry.

cutthroat on stone

We followed these grizzly bear tracks along the river. Seems this grizzly and I share an infinity for the same stretch of trout water.

griz fishing


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