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June 06, 2016Off to a hot start

June's off to a hot start around here. After a mild spring so far, we're seeing temperatures hit 80 degree here in Jackson. All of a sudden everything's green; a pretty sight after months of white, tans and browns. It seems like this years runoff is a bit different; I feel like we had an earlier, first-part runoff, with all of the lower elevation snow disappearing. Now with 80 degree temps, the high elevation snow is melting quickly. This gives me a sneaking suspicion that things will clear fairly fast.

Right now much of the fly fishing I've been doing, both with clients and on my own has been occurring on our lakes, in the southwestern portion of YNP and in smaller, high elevation streams. The Green was fishing well too until a few days back. Now it's big and dirty. I think this should get back in decent shape in another two or three weeks.

Matt heads down into a canyon stretch of water. While clear, the water was raging making wading tricky..

down into the canyon

Spotted fever- A beautiful brown. I didn't catch many fish, but the ones i got were stunning.

A June Brown

A few days back I got out with my friend Matt for some exploring. We fished a stream that was clear but definitely raging with water. Much of it was impossible to fish (and wade) but there were some good, slower runs and while we didn't catch many fish, the one's we got were nice. I stuck to a big red ant, remembering why i love dry fly fishing so much!


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