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April 11, 2011Shameless video from fishing in Dubois

Brad, owner of the WD Fly Shop in Dubois, WY was kind enough to include me in a brief video he made recently. Brad joined Leon and I a few weeks back for a day of fishing on the Wind River. While he spent most of the time taking photos, he did manage to step into a nice run and land a brown trout, which apparently broke his whitefish streak. Anyway, Here's the video. If you're ever in Dubois, stop in and see Brad at his shop.

April 11, 2011Hey Nate! Shameless is right. Geez. (lol) Lookin' cool on the Wind catching trout and having a great day. Was indeed relieved to break my whitefish streak. Enjoyed fly fishing with you and look forward to doing that again soon. Best wishes to you and yours.
Brad Marlow
April 12, 2011Awesome video. Kind of turns a day of fishing into a legendary etched-in-stone sort of memory. Wish I could've been there. Very thorough journalism documenting the cell phone on the river...happens to the best of us...


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