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October 28, 2015Late October brown trout fishing

Now that guiding season has slowed, I get to do some fishing. It should come as no surprise that October here in the Wyoming Rockies means Brown trout. Shorter days get brown moving up and down river gearing up for spawning. It's a great time to target large, aggressive fish with streamers.

I hit the road yesterday morning with Lulus in hopes of finding some nice fish with streamers. After a slow drive thanks to icy roads, we hit the water amidst some early season snow. I choose to fish my Winston BIIIX 6 wt; a great all purpose rod for out here. Fish, both browns and rainbows were receptive to my white wooly bugger-type streamers. By mid afternoon, after catching 8 or 9 nice fish we retreated back to the truck to warm up and head home.

slogging down the road to fish

Roads were slow going thanks to an early season dusting of snow. Fortunately we made it to the river.

colored up brown trout

A little artsy; nice to capture this colored-up fall run brown trout in the net.

Streamer fishing for wyoming brown trout

One of many fish that fell for my white streamer. It's always nice to hook some sizeable fish late in the season. While the weather might be less than desireable, late fall here in Jackskon Hole and surronding areas is a great time to hunt for trophy trout!


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