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October 21, 2015Reunion tour

I spent the past week fishing with my friend Kurt. Kurt and I grew up together and spent lots of time fly fishing the streams and rivers of central PA while in college. Every year we try to get together to fish (usually Kurt comes out here once my guiding season slows). We fished hard for 6 days straight and shared some good times on various waters here in the greater Yellowstone region. Rather than give a play by play, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Kurt's   Bighorn rainbow

Kurt shows off a nice rainbow from the Bighorn. Fishing was fun, but challenging as fish were sipping tiny spinners all day long.

Kurt   casting

Kurt works a rugged piece of water in the greater yellowstone region; cutthroat, whitefish and brook trout all were caught during our day.

Lulu and Kurt on the Bighorn

Lulu Keeps an eye on me while kurt sheds a layer in the warm October sun.

Teton   Fly Fishing fall cutthroat trout

a nice October cutthroat trout.

shadow casting on the Henry's Fork

Kurt shadow-casting (ok, high-stick nymphing) on the Henry's Fork. High-sticking with black stonefly nymphs was the key to too many rainbows to count.'

Brown trout in Wyoming

Doesn't get much better than this... This big brown couldn't refuse Kurt's dead-drifted nymph. 

Looks like this week will be my last week of guiding for the season (unless someone else lines a trip up). I'm excited to take out a long time return client of mine for a few fun days on the water. More to come on that...


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