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April 08, 2011April Snow and fishless fishing

Snow has been falling for the better part of the week here in Jackson. What started as some flurries and snow showers, turned into a full-fledged winter storm Wednesday night, leaving us with about eight inches of the white stuff here at the house. So much for spring…

I was determined today to get out of the house and wet a line. Winter storm watch be damned! I can report that the fishing was good, the catching on the other hand, not so much.

My friend and I fished a piece of water to the north today. Something that I’ve fished in the summer time with some success, but never thought to fish in the spring. We remarked on the walk in, as we trudged through waist-deep snow, “this is either going to be the smartest thing we’ve done in a while or the dumbest.” The jury’s still out. The water, although nice, didn’t offer any pleasant surprises. We saw black stoneflies all over the banks and caddis larva floating in the back eddies, but no fish. As we cast to unoccupied riffles and runs, the snow intensified, coating everything around us and creating utter silence. I can tell you that despite the lack of fish, we had a great time.

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