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August 17, 2015Mid August report from the rower's seat...

Needless to say things have been fairly crazy around here. Guiding has been keeping from updating this humble blog. And truthfully, if it's between being out fishing folks and writing about fishing, I'm going to take the real thing every time!

Susan put on a clinic on the Green River. Nice Brown trout!

Susan's Brown trout

Overall the fishing here in Jackson Hole this summer has been good. Swings in the weather though have kept me and my anglers on our toes. One day big foam patterns are bringing fish to the surface and the next day the fish want nothing to do with them but are happy to sip small emergers. We've been using LOTS of different flies depending on conditions and I believe my knot tying speed has risen to another level... I've had anglers on all different waters the past few weeks. Most trips have been on the Snake, but I've also spent some days on the Salt river, up in Jellystone and on Flat creek on the Elk Refuge.

Great time fishing with Blake and his dad for a few days. Always fun to see those guys and even more fun to watch Blake work a streamer under the brush piles!

Blake on the Salt

After a 20 plus day stint guiding folks, I had the weekend off. I gotta say, it was pretty nice to catch up on things that have been neglected- cleaning the house, finances, fly tying, yard work, etc. I also got to spend some quality time with Lulu. We hit up lower flat creek Saturday evening for a sunset caddis hatch and then headed to a small cutthroat stream yesterday with my friend Matt. Lulu continues to grow and crack us up. Spent today with Dave and Jean from Maine. Gotta love getting out on the water with great folks. Unfortunately the fishing on the Snake was a bit tough. We caught fish, but it was a battle and bigger fish weren't very active. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Dave and Jean; couldn't imagine spending the day with sweeter people.

Dave and Jean

A day on the water with Lulu! At 14 weeks old, Lulu's growing like a weed and learning the ins and outs of life as a fishing dog.

Me and Lulu


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