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May 25, 2015A wet week in the 'hood
Wet. That's the way things have been around here lately. River flows have gone up and dirt roads are muddy.

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking Tom and his son, Ben out for two days on the water. The guys were celebrating Ben's recent graduation from Uof New Hampshire. Due to high waters around Jackson, we hit the road and stayed at the Teton Fly Fishing cabin in Dubois. While there we fished for rainbows in a local stream, and despite the rain, sleet and snow, Ben hooked up with a few nice fish and landed one beauty. The next day we headed to the Big Horn for a float. Again we battled some lousy weather but the guys were champions! Some BIG fish were hooked; fish that caught Tom and Ben by surprise, taking off up river, down river, jumping, etc. Only a few were landed, but the guys had a blast!

Yesterday Jamie and I headed up into the hills hoping to fish a small cutthroat lake. I was excited, Jamie a bit sluggish after a Saturday spent at the Brew Fest on the town square. We managed to get within a mile or so of the lake, only to be shut down by deep snow covering the road. We debated hiking on, but with a steady rain falling, ended up bailing and taking a drive through Grand Teton Park looking for animals.

It looks like the wet weather is on its way out. Have a few fishing trips planned this week so hopefully I'll have some reports and photos in the next few days.


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