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April 02, 2011A little dirty water never hurt anyone

Just because the water's dirty doesn't mean there aren't fish to catch. At least that was the case yesterday when I went fishing with Leon and Gary. We battled high winds and water that got dirtier as the day progressed, but were rewarded with some nice Brown trout. Here's Leon with one of his pet fish......

leon with brown

Here in Jackson, we're in the midst of what appears to be a genuine spring thaw (finally). And despite the snow in the forecast for this evening, it looks like temperatures will remain on the warmer side (meaning rain here in the valley?). Jamie and I still have a good amount of snow in the backyard, but it's been melting quickly the past few days, revealing a few small patches of grass. In theory, the warmer weather means that fishing around here should be good until the runoff begins.

One last note, Sage (our fishing companion) has made a full recovery! Jamie and I took her stitches out last night and she's back to her old self.


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