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May 08, 2015Kicking off May

Looks like we made it through another winter here in Jackson Hole. Spring came early this year and overall the weather has been pleasant. Currently area waters are running high and muddy with melted snow pack. I expect that we'll be fishing rivers earlier this year barring some crazy May weather. Right now, unless you're headed to a regional tailwater, the best fishing's gonna be on area lakes. Most are free of ice and the ones that aren't will be soon.

Over the past week I spent time teaching and fishing. My friend Matt and I did a cool illustrated poetry contest with the middle and high schoolers in Dubois; a great experience. Being the smart guys we are, we also allowed ourselves a full day there to fish. Hitting up some lakes, we pitched streamers to brown and rainbow trout. I can't say that the fishing was exceptional, but we did catch some fish and the weather was beautiful; what more could you ask for?

Matt ties on a new fly in perperation for fishing the outlet of this beautiful wyoming lake.

matt on lake

Then, this past weekend, my friend old friend Brandon, came up to the cabin for a quick reunion fishing trip. Brandon and I have been friends since 8th grade (i think), playing together in a HS band we called Fuzzbox and sharing a love of fishing and music. Fortunately we've stayed in touch, and with him and his family residing in Colorado, we manage to hook up ever now and then. Knowing we only had one full day of fishing together, we managed to rally, waking up at 5:30 (after a long night of whiskey inspired electric guitar rocking) and hitting the road for the Big Horn river in Thermopolis. After a slow start, we switched to nymphing with leech patterns and began hooking nice rainbows. Throw in a great BWO hatch and we had the perfect day on the water together. Hope we can do it again.

Brandon shows off a pretty Big Horn rainbow. Afterword, he asked, "are there any small fish in here?"

brandon with rainbow

Working a streamer along a pretty band of red rocks. If you look closely you'll see a horse watching us..

red rocks on the big horn


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