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April 07, 2015Ice off Rainbows

Easter weekend usually means fishing for Jamie and I and this year was no different. We headed to our fishing cabin outside of Dubois Wyoming, armed with fly rods and DVDs to watch. After a little debate, we decided to tow the drift boat to a favorite lake of ours not too far away, hoping to find some hungry trout.

Our decision payed off. We spent the morning and early afternoon casting leech patterns to hungry rainbow trout. Thrown into the mix for a little diversity were lake trout and brown trout. The fishing was pretty good, both of us hooking some nice fish. I caught one super long Brown trout that would've been something else had it not been so skinny.... Overall, a fantastic weekend.

Spring ice off rainbow

Jamie shows off one of the nice rainbows she caught on Saturday. Black n reds and rusty woolly buggers were the ticket.

Nate with rainbow

I even got to throw some flies! 

The weather this week has turned back to typical Rocky Mountain spring conditions- cold, grey and wet with intermitant snow and rain showers. I may try to sneak out on the Snake today for a few hours of wade fishing, but we'll see what gets done around the home. We're headed to the Bahamas this weekend to relax and look for bonefish. I've tied quite a few patterns for the trip, but it seems like there's always one more fly to tie (even though I'll probably use a fraction of the patterns in my box).


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