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December 29, 2014Reflecting on another fishy year

Hope everyone survived (is surviving) the holiday madness. Around here, snow's been falling, temperatures dropping and a lot of relaxing has been occurring. We've had a nice Christmas; meeting up with some friends and spending a lot of time just lounging around reading and tying flies. Jamie surprised me this year with a lifetime Wyoming fishing license. While putting it in my wallet, I took out the collection of wrinkled 2014 fishing licenses I acquired and they got me reflecting on this past season. (hey isn't this what people with blogs do this time of year?)


I was fortunate to fish a variety of waters, accumulating quite a few licenses; Wyoming, Yellowstone, Reservation, Idaho, Colorado and Utah. There were a lot of good days spent casting flies to trout in the locations and I look forward to 2015 and the fishing adventures that await. Currently in addition to the usual haunts, there are plans to visit the Green down at Flaming Gorge this winter, the Salmon in search of steelhead, and a Bahama bonefish reunion tour among others. Thinking about all these different waters and trips also reminded me how much I love my home waters of Wyoming. It's nice to have so much trout water in one state and some unbelievable country to explore within an hour or three of home. And while I fish quite a bit, it seems there is always more water to explore; whether it's a new lake or river, or water higher up a drainage that gets fished often.

Below are a few notable highlights from my own personal fishing adventures. Enjoy and here's to making some more great memories in 2015.

Fishing the Wind River Indian Reservation gives up some lunkers. This guy was sipping midges in the spring

brown on bamboo

Idaho Steel. Jamie and I got around to steelhead fishing in ID last spring. It was an honor to bring two of these guys to hand. Hundreds of miles from the ocean and beautiful!

steel   in idaho

My friend Kurt joined me for a few days of Wyoming fly fishing this spring.While spring can be a bit of gamble for those casting the long rod, there are some awesome opportunities One of the days we floated the Big Horn outside of Thermop. Everything was perfect; the weather, the fish and the company wasn't bad either..

Kurt on the 'horn

The highlight of my summer came when I got to take my 86 year old grandfather fishing on the Snake. He used to fish out here often, but hadn't been out in a few years. I'd say he still has "it".

me   and my grandfather

Here's Jamie as we decend into the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone river in YNP. We spent a few days in the fall fishing and camping in the park. Couldn't have asked for a better time..

Jamie heading into the black canyon

While Ruby James' time on earth was short, she brought us A LOT of fun and happiness. She was on her way to becoming an excellent companion and fishing dog. We miss her a lot.

jamie and ruby


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