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December 21, 2014A December streamer bite

Fishing is full of surprises. Determined to fish Friday, I set out from our cabin outside Dubois to fish some nearby water. For the first hour or so, the wind blew and trout wanted little to do with my double nymph setup. I debated throwing in the towel, but in the end decided to throw streamers. Maybe I had paid my dues earlier, maybe it was the giant articulated pattern from my vise or maybe it was the long, flat non descript water; whatever the reason, I was rewarded with a number of angry trout. Fish hammered my streamer, turning my day into one of the best streamer fishing days I've had in a long time. Eventually, by mid afternoon, with the sun setting behind the distant mountains, my day came to and end and I traded my waders for a fire in the woodstove and comfy couch.

The only rainbow of the day put up one heck of a fight, fighting well above his weight class

Rainbow likes the streamer

A view streamside. The low December sunlight lit up the red hills providing a stark contrast to the dark waters of the Wind river. 

Dubois' Wind River in December

This big kype-jawed male brown trout couldn't help himselfWind River Brown

Another nice brown showing off some pretty colors.

Butter in the December sun


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