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December 09, 2014December days on the water

Well it's been a little while since I've cast a fly. The past few weeks were cold, making fly fishing difficult at best. That, combined with the loss of Ruby James made getting out a low priority. Fortunately temperatures around here have warmed and some good fishing friends recognized the need to get me out. Matt and I spent a few hours wade fishing the Snake on Friday. Temperatures were in the 40s and the snowpack along the river shallow. We tag-teamed a few nice looking runs with nymphs and managed a few fish to hand. I was a little surprised we didn't see any risers, but nothing wrong with subsurface action in December. We spoke to a few other anglers in the parking lot and surmised that melting snow dropped water temperatures and made fish inactive (always good to have theories on why the fishing's slow).

Matt fishes a double nymph combo in hopes of fooling a few fish in a deep run....

Snake River in December

A cutthroat, no matter the size, always feels like a victory in the winter....

A   winter cutthroat trout

During the weekend, I found myself in Dubois checking on our cabin. The weather was fantastic and I was excited to hit the water with friend and fishing guru Leon Sanderson. We fished a few different pieces of water and managed some nice fish. Again though, we had to work for our fish. Tight line nymphing was challenging as the takes were very subtle. Regardless, it was great to catch up with Leon and spend an entire day on the water. Plus, I feel like it was a good way for me to deal with the loss of the pup. We celebrated our day with a delicious homecooked fried chicken dinner!

Leon working a nice run of water....

December on the Wind River

This week looks to continue to be fairly nice. I'm jumping back in the substitute teaching game but hope to also get out on the Snake.


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