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November 22, 2014Snow Shoveling and the pup
Not too much been going on around here at Teton Fly Fishing world headquarters. The past week or so has ushered in quite a bit of snow. This, combined with some cold temperatures has made it feel more like mid-January instead of November. It's nice though to have some snow on the ground as we go into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Because of the harsh winter weather, I haven't done any fishing. Instead much of my attention has been focused on Ruby James. Ruby's now about 4 months old and has grown quite a bit. She's doing well; sleeping all night, following a few basic commands, etc. She's evening hanging out with me while I tie flies, often relaxing on the floor beside me, even ignoring the various bags of animal pelts and feathers (most of the time).

With Jamie out of town (enjoying some sun and warm temps in central america) and not much going on in town, I'm planning on heading south to CO to see my friends Brandon and Rachelle for turkey day. Hopefully we'll be able to get out on the water together during my stay.

Well that's the report from around here. Hope everyone's well and gearing up for the holidays. Stay tuned for a post CO fishing report....


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