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November 05, 2014Another season's passing

Another fishing season has come and gone in Yellowstone National Park. This past Sunday marked the end of fishing in the park, at least until next Memorial Day weekend. I was fortunate enough to spend some time on several of the Parks famous trout waters; both guiding visiting anglers and fishing on my own.

Jackson Hole's proximity to Yellowstone makes it a great place to spend a day (or more) vying for the attention of the wild fish that live up there. Most of my trips up north with clients consisted of fishing waters in the southwestern part of the park; famous waters like the Firehole, Gibbon, Madison and upper Snake. Besides amazing scenery, these rivers have healthy populations of Rainbows, Browns, and in the upper Snake, Cutthroat trout. I enjoyed introducing clients to these waters, helping them match hatches (and swing wet flies and nymphs) and experience the awesomeness of our first national park. Below are a few pics from this past season.

Mark hooked up with a Brown trout on the Firehole River. June and early July meant PMDs on the Firehole

mark hooked up with a Firehole brown trout

Steve caught this amazing Cutthroat trout while fishing on the upper Snake river in Yellowstone National Park. It was quite a sight watching this fish rise slowly to a well placed royal trude.

Steve's cutt from upper Snake

This old, beautiful female wolf didn't seem to mind us, eventually going her own way into the forest in the Lamar valley.

Black   Alpha Female

Kevin lands a Firehole river rainbow

Kevin enjoying a rainbow

On a rare day off, I got to check out the fishing in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone river; well worth the effort!

Teton Fly Fishing in Yellowstone's Black Canyon

A client makes a cast to rising fish on the Firehole this fall.

Firehole flyfishing


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