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October 29, 2014A few last floats in the Sunshine

What a fall we’ve had around here. The month of October has been about as nice as I can remember. Most days this month were sunny and warm; naturally the fishing was great! I got in a few last trips for the season, taking anglers floating on the Snake and walking in on Flat creek too. The Snake is down to winter flows and the fish have settled in and have been feeding voraciously in preparation for winter. It was pretty great to put clients on riffles that were just stacked with nice fat fish sipping away on midges. Also, we got to fish some large October caddis patterns, fooling some aggressive cutthroat along the way.

Late October is also the time that anglers around here get excited and target fall-run Brown trout in places like Lewis Lake in Yellowstone National Park and the upper Snake above Jackson Lake. This year I haven’t gotten out on my own quite as much as I’d like; having a pup in the house requires constant attention and doesn’t allow one to sneak away for day trips to the north. That’s okay though. Ruby James has proved to be a good little pup, biting aside. She’s been out in the drift boat four times so far in her short 11 week life; twice fishing lakes and twice on the Snake. On all adventures she did great and seemed to enjoy being on the water.

Friend and longtime client, Mark, took advantage of some superb fall weather. We floated the Snake and had a banner day with dry flies and hungry trout!

Mark with a nice snake cutthroat

Ruby James getting acquainted with the oars; she'll make a fine fishing dog..

Me and Ruby Jamesa


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