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August 23, 2014Trout are already Wet

What's up with all the rain and cool temperatures (not to mention whispers of snow in the high country)? It seems that monsoonal moisture has found us here in the Northern Rockies and is wrecking havoc on the last few weeks of our proper summer. Typically here in Jackson and the surrounding area, summer is filled with sunshine and the occasional brief thunderstorm/rain shower. Sure, we might get a wet day here or there, but most of our moisture comes from snow in the late fall, winter and spring. Summer = sunshine and pleasant evenings. Lately the rain has been coming down in sheets, testing out the toughest of Gor-tex wearing fishermen. Just when the Snake was fishing awesome, and I mean awesome- big flies, in the sun, while wearing sandals- this weather pattern comes along and slows things down. Fishing's still good, but the past week challenged anglers a bit more than usual. There were no easy ones, no second chances. Each fish had to be earned. It looks like the forecast will be improving in the next few days; good news for anglers and guides hoping to get in a few more shorts and sandal days on the water.

I've been staying busy (and sort of dry) lately guiding folks on my usual haunts. For the most part, days have been good. Especially for guests like Joe who fished with me for a few days over in Dubois. Another memorable day was spent with Dave and his wife Jean from ME. I introduced Dave to the Green river, helping his catch several nice trout, including the brown in the photo below. The next few weeks look busy and hopefully folks will have fun as I try and help them get a few fish!

Not bad for a sporting gentleman in his 80s....

Dave's Brown trout


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