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June 11, 2014Fishing in June sunshine!

It seems like we've stumbled into summer around here. Temperatures in Jackson Hole lately have been around 70 and daily sunshine is melting away our snowpack. While rivers in the region remain high, there are certainly plenty of fishy options.

First evenin' fish of the summer! This beautiful brown trout inspected my size 6 Sofa Pillow three times before deciding to take the tiny Copper John dropper...

a   spotted beauty

For the next month and a half (well really all season), Yellowstone National Park is a great place to go fly fishing. Waters in the southwestern part of the park (Firehole, Madison, Lewis, Gibbon, Nez Perce) all fish best this time of year, providing anglers with good hatches of PMDs and caddis. The Firehole canyon also gets a salmonfly hatch at the end of the month. If you're into casting BIG dry flies, this can be a fun place to be. Area lakes are also fishing well around the valley. Most smaller, hike-in lakes below 8,000 feet are free of ice and crystal clear. These are fun to spend a day at; pack your lunch, a fly rod and do a little exploring. Jamie and I hiked into Bearpaw lake in the Tetons the other afternoon. Fish were active, but so were the mosquitos!

After a long hike in to this fantastic Yellowstone cutthroat fishery, I found half the lake ice free. Quickly rigging up a rod, I landed a nice bright cutt. Unfortunately storms rolled in with high winds, snow and sleet, forcing a hasty retreat.

Teton   Fly Fishing in the High Country

The Grizzlies bears are out and about. This guy was feeding on grass along Togwotee pass..

Grizzly in the Sun

We're headed out this afternoon to the fishing cabin in Dubois to get it ready for summer guests. Also planning on checking some trout waters... More to come...


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