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April 27, 2014Simple

brown on bamboo

Turns out, simple CAN be better. A few days back I ran over to Dubois to do a little preseason work on the cabin. Since the weather was lousy and I was planning to only spend a night, I didn't take my fishing gear with me. Once there though I started thinking about fishing; turns out the weather wasn't quite as bad as predicted and Jamie told me to stay and she'd come over with some friends at the end of the week. With an unexpected free day, thinking about fishing turned to going fishing. The only problem was that my gear was at home. Fortunately I remembered having a 4wt bamboo rod at the cabin as well as a cheap reel with embarrassingly old fly line on it. Combine those with one fly box of random patterns and a few spools of tippet, and I was in business!

So off I drove, determined to make the most of my day. To make a long story short, the wind was better than expected and I found fish rising occasionally to emerging midges. For the better part of the morning and early afternoon I had a blast trying to control angry brown trout with my uber-slow, soft tipped 4 wt rod.


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