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April 07, 2014Lander, Thermop and the Bighorn

on the   road to Lander, WY

on the open road; headed to Lander, WY without company....

Last week my friend Jeff, picked up his new drift boat in Idaho Falls. After arriving back home in Lander, WY, Jeff invited me to come out and join him for the inaugural float. With an open schedule and already being nearby in Dubois, I threw some gear in the Pathfinder and headed east, arriving in Lander with just enough time to hit up the Popo Agie with Jeff. We had a great time fishing nymphs and streamers, picking up a few trout and enjoying the relatively warm weather. After the sun dipped behind the red hills,we celebrated our afternoon with a trip to the Lander Bar for burgers and beer.

The next day we hooked up Jeff's new Clacka and headed north to Thermopolis to fish the Big Horn. The Bighorn is the Wind River; name changes upon coming out of the Wind River Canyon (courtesy of the white man...). Along with Jeff's sweet black lab, Cora, we took our time floating and fishing the river. While we got into some fish subsurface, the highlight for me was when BWO blanketed the water and brought fish to the surface. We opted to take their challenge, fishing size 20 BWOs on fine tippet, connecting with several nice browns and rainbows. Jeff rounded out the day, catching a feisty 'bow on a streamer.

Big   Horn rainbow

A nice rainbow falls victim to the red worm...


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