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February 14, 2014Gambling on the conditions and winning

Like most of country, we here in Jackson are getting a big dose of winter weather lately; not really anything new for us, but worth noting none the less. This past week a system of snow storms has brought continuous moisture to our area, adding to a good snowpack. While it's easy to become a hermit in these conditions, it's always good to get out of the house, especially when escape comes in the form of a fishing trip. So, when my neighbor and fellow fishing guide, Chris Stump, invited me to join him yesterday, I said yes.

Despite the winter storm warning and snow covered roads, Chris drove us to freedom. Expectations were low; maybe hook a few fish while donning 20 layers of long underwear, wool, flannel, down and Gore-Tex. Fortunately, the weather cleared and the fish gods smiled, rewarding our dedication. Fishing was fast and furious and at the end of the day all we could do was laugh.

A   mid winter man eater

Fortunately, no fingers were lost landing this big fellow


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