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December 26, 2013Christmas Trout

I spent Christmas eve casting nymphs to trout here in Jackson Hole. The sun was shinning and temperatures were near 30F, making for a few good hours of fishing. Given the last minute nature of the outing, I didn't venture too far from the car. A little wading through both snow and water, and I found a nice long riffle to cast into. My size 20 red midge nymph was a proven winner, and when it was all said and done, I caught some fish and made it home in time to have dinner and brace for Christmas.

It's always nice to see one of these beauties on a cold day....

Christmas Cutthroat

Can't go wrong with a Winston 5wt. Most of the time I fished two nymphs on a tight line. I did use an indicator though for a bit, but found tight-lining to be the ticket.

Winter fly fishing on the Snake

A view up river....

On the winter trout water

After a few casts, ice would build up on the guides requiring some chipping...

Icy guide


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