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September 04, 2013Notable fish from the past few weeks...

Lots of fishing’s been going on around here lately, hence the lack of blog posts. Days have been long, starting early with coffee and some quick flies being tied for the upcoming day, continuing to time on the water with clients and finishing with preparations being made for the next day. Rest will come this winter. For now though, fishing is the top priority. The fly fishing’s been good; most trout have been fooled with dry flies or dry/dropper setups. Although most of my time has been spent floating on the Snake River here in Jackson, I’ve also had quite a few days guiding folks on Flat Creek and more remote waters over around Dubois, WY. Below are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Kevin with a nice Snake River Cutthroat trout. He and his son Kory spent a week with me fishing area waters; great folks and a great fish!

Snake river cutthroat

Derek hooks up on the Wind River outside of Dubios, WY...

Fly fishing on the Wind River

Area Brook trout are starting to display brillant colors in preperation for the spawn. Here's one taken on a backcountry stream in the Shoshone National forest.

Spawning colors


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