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May 08, 2013Fly fishing around Wyoming and the find of the year!

As of today, many area rivers are rising and turning brown thanks in large part to sunny skies and temperatures pushing into the high 60s. While this puts some stretches of water on hold for the next month or so, it also gives area lakes top billing for the foreseeable future. Jackson Lake’s shores are mostly ice-free and it’s a good time to take some streamers and sinking line up there in search of hungry cutthroat, brown and lake trout.


I’ve been fortunate, having spent the past couple weeks wading and drifting various drainages with a good amount of luck. Matt and I pulled together a quick camping/ fishing trip, hitting up the “Mile” during a two-day stretch of nice weather and pretty good fishing. We ended up ditching the tent in favor of sleeping under the stars, not far from several productive riffles where rainbows fell for our flies. Matt may very well have hooked the fish of a lifetime. Unfortunately, an explosive line-spooling run down river resulted in his line and leader coming back missing a fly….

releasing on the platte

canyon   walls

Jamie and I spent a few days lake fishing from the new boat. Fortunately we didn’t have to over think things; black wooly buggers were the ticket and the rainbows attacked them often enough to keep us busy for the better part of the day!

jamie casting

rainbow   trout

spring in the tetons

In related fishing news from Teton Fly Fishing world headquarters, my neighbor and his wife were walking their dog yesterday morning when they spied what appeared to be a rod tube sticking out of a nearby dumpster. Upon saving it from the approaching trash truck, they took out the contents and discovered a fly rod, and not just any run of the mill import graphite stick, a beautiful……… wait for it ……..BAMBOO rod!!! Could be the find of the century, and I must admit to being a little envious. Congrats you two!


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